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Healthcare professonal for farm animals and livestock.

Healthcare professonal for
farm animals and livestock.


Inspection and guidance work of relevant leaders of Shijiazhuang CPPCC to Hebei Hope Harmony Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.

Accompanied by county leaders(County Party Secretary Mr. Zheng , vice chairman of Mr. Guo and other County leaders), Shijiazhuang municipal CPPCC Vice Chairman Mr. Wu, President of the provincial Petrochemical Industry Association Mr. Tong, Provincial Department of Commerce deputy inspector Mr. Zhang to inspect and guide our company's work, company leader Mr. Liu had a warm reception on behalf of the company.
At the meeting, Mr. Liu detailed introduced the current situation, new project construction, product development and development planning of our company to city and county leaders. All levels leaders have fully affirmed the current development of the company and hope that our company will further strengthen product innovation capability, improve market competitiveness. At the same time, superior leaders also requires Yuanshi County relevant departments to do a good job in respect of enterprise new project EIA, construction and other relevant procedures to help solve the actual difficulties encountered like narrow roads in front of doors etc., to create a favorable environment for the smooth progress of the project, play a greater role in promoting corporate brand influence and promote local economic development.