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Healthcare professonal for farm animals and livestock.

Healthcare professonal for
farm animals and livestock.


Passed the reviews as qualified supplier for the Shuanghui group

On the morning of August 28th, 2017, 4 reviewers of Shuanghui group went to Hebei Hope Harmony Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd for on-site evaluation of qualified suppliers.

Reviewers conducted a field inspection of Injection workshop, solid preparation workshop, finished products warehouse and quality and technical department in spite of the rain, at the same time, earnestly review management documents of all links like Daily purchasing, production process and quality testing. Our company's clean and tidy production environment, advanced production equipment, perfect management system and so on, have made the deep impression to reviewers.

Finally, our company smoothly passed the Shuanghui group review as qualified supplier by high mark which laid the foundation for further cooperation between the two sides.